Loaded Commerce Template - Template joomla Help

Loaded Commerce Template - Template joomla Help

Loaded Commerce Template

Template Description

Loaded7 is the next big release of Loaded Commerce. Basically this is a shopping cart application that is based on the OSC 3.a5 (alpha 5).

is a completely new platform with really unique capabilities. Let’s see what you will get right out of the box.

Loaded7 is based on Bootstrap 3, this connection takes care of your website’s responsiveness, making it mobile compatible. The default template includes all the JS logic to make creating mobile easy. Every single page of your website built with the Loaded7 platform will be fully responsive, including the product listing, the shopping cart page, and the whole checkout page. In the world where one in three Internet users surfs via a portable device this is a must-have. As for the back end, you will be able to manage it from your iPhone or Galaxy since the admin is also responsive.

If you are feeling anxious about the updates, there is no need to worry, the platform is going to get regular updates as soon as they are ready. In case your site updates “aces up,” you will be able to roll off that update.

Most website owners are addicted to add-ons. If you are one of them, you will be able to enhance your site with the ones you like from the the Add-on store available directly through your admin panel.

Template Features

Now let’s take a look at the list of most notable features:

    Sources Available

      Software Requirements

        Note: Please check the template preview page to see the specific template requirements. The required program versions could be different from the ones listed above.

        Template Structure

          Note: For security reasons the sources folder is in a zipped file and is password protected. To uncompress a password protected .ZIP file, you will need to have a zip file utility program installed and the correct password. As soon as the zip file begins to uncompress, you will be prompted to type in the password. The password is the ID number of your order. You can find this number on the order page following the download link sent to you via email.

          Please, help us to preserve the quality and uniqueness of our products by not uploading the sources folder, either zipped or unzipped, to the server.

          Free Sample Template

          Free Sample Loaded7 template

          Template ID: 48798

          Engine Version:

          refer template joomla: http://joombig.com/templates-joomla

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