Shopify Template - Template joomla Help

Shopify Template - Template joomla Help

Shopify Template

Template Description

Sometimes, it’s hard to find the product which is not only of high quality, but also doesn’t require a deep knowledge about its tech side. However, once exist we can state that it’s actually not so hard. itself is a SAAS service: it gives an opportunity to launch a Shopify theme without any troubles with hosting, installation, and so on. You just need to choose a theme, buy it – and be ready to use it. Our responsive concentrate all the best features of this type of themes. You can enjoy Bootstrap base and widely configurable theme settings. Moreover, they have additional customizable plugins that will make your website even more functional. You can easily check a Shopify theme from inside by downloading a free sample which will give a full idea of what is. But please pay attention the sample is totally for educational purposes. Any commercial and personal use is restricted.

Shopify template is based on Bootstrap, so you will get all the benefits of its wide functionality. The theme also has numerous responsive layouts, implying that your store will adapt to the size of the screen resolution used to view it.

This kind of product has user-friendly admin panel with an intuitive interface and fully configurable theme settings, to ensure excellent eCommerce functions. You will see the full list of great options after downloading the sample.

Template Features

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      Software Requirements

        Note: Please check the template preview page to see the specific template requirements. The required program versions could be different from the ones listed above.

        Template Structure

          Note: For security reasons the sources folder is in a zipped file and is password protected. To uncompress a password protected .ZIP file, you will need to have a zip file utility program installed and the correct password. As soon as the zip file begins to uncompress, you will be prompted to type in the password. The password is the ID number of your order. You can find this number on the order page following the download link sent to you via email.

          Please help us to preserve the quality and uniqueness of our products by not uploading the sources folder, either zipped or unzipped, to the server.

          Free Sample Template

          Free sample Shopify template

          Template ID: 51674

          Free sample Shopify template

          Template ID: 53169

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