jbe local map
17 February 2014

jbe local map

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local map will show a map for a specified location.

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The module uses the Google Maps API (for which you can request a free key for your website). is a very customizable module to display a map with lots of points of interests.

the jbe local map should be easy to display for your visitors and also should not interfere with the content and layout. That’s why the most popular and effective way is to include map as pop up box with video or accordion with map. It lets your users see the map if they want but does not distract them

Features Available:

- jbe local map Assign Map Size;
- Responsive Map;
- Choose Border for Map;
- Initial Zoom;
- Initial Center Map;
- Parameters for Border Map;
- Define Position for Basemap Toggle;
- Customization of Info Box: size, color, font-color...
- Insert as many points of interest as you want;
- Define a title, description and place marker for each point of interest;
- Advanced zoom controls making using the map easier
- Google Map type control
- Overview map control
- Rotate control of the Maps

Link Download   Demo Local Map

If you'll have some questions about configuration or customizationf of the gallery just contact our support ticket or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Installation Extension

Step1 Extension manager

Go to your Joomla Administrator and click on Extensions then click on Extension manager option which will lead you through a dialogue box for browsing the installed Module from your computer.

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Step2 Upload & Install

Click on Browse button and select module in the Extensions/ folder. Finally, click on upload & install. Your extension in installed now.

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