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17 February 2014

google plus

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google plus thatt the most out of Google+, Your Google+ affiliation will play a key role in promoting your profile page to your social circle.

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You must optimize the About area of your page, and select the personalized features that best suit your profile. 

You can interweave your social network platforms by utilizing the Adwords Social Extensions. 

They also also request their Logbooks, post messages for their customers and partners, and fortify client relations with it. Organizations can optimize their use of Google+ by emphasizing the following areas:

All in one Module for Google Plus can do stuffs like::

i) Display Google Plus Badge (Have multiple options to give you more control)

ii) Google Plus Share Button (Different Sizes and styles available - Bubble - Vertical Bubble).

iii) Google Plus Like Button (Different Sizes and Styles available)

iv) Google Plus Followers Buttons ( Different Sizes and Styles available)

v) Google Plus Icon Options

All settings has been enabled by default. So make sure you disable few options you don't need to display.

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If you'll have some questions about configuration or customizationf of the gallery just contact our support ticket or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Installation Extension

Step1 Extension manager

Go to your Joomla Administrator and click on Extensions then click on Extension manager option which will lead you through a dialogue box for browsing the installed Module from your computer.

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Step2 Upload & Install

Click on Browse button and select module in the Extensions/ folder. Finally, click on upload & install. Your extension in installed now.

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Setting Parameter



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